Protect Our Kids

We’re working to create a society where people can recover from addiction and not fall victim to the legalization and commercialization of drugs.

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Our mission is to combat the normalization and legalization of dangerous drugs in America.

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We believe that the health, safety, and economic harms of recreational drug legalization are far more dangerous than any of the social benefits the drug derives. We are parents, medical doctors, employers, treatment providers, drug prevention professionals, business owners, first responders, and other law enforcement officers. Our communities should not be victims of the commercialization and normalization of dangerous drug use.

Our kids are vulnerable, let us foster a national environment that progresses mental health support, not easing access to a damaging substance. Our children are already victims to the vaping and tobacco industries. As parents and Americans, let us not allow profit-driven corporatists in the drug industry to threaten our kids health with more legal, mind-altering drugs.

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